Produced Water Technologies, LLC | Reducing the Volume of Produced Water Sent to Disposal Wells
Produced Water Technologies, LLC | Reducing the Volume of Produced Water Sent to Disposal Wells
Produced Water
Michael R. Keller

Areas Areas of Expertise

  • Member of the American Petroleum Institute group drafting mechanical standards, RP-537
  • Participant in the industrial review of updates to American Petroleum Institute, RP-521
  • Over 50 patents in process design and environmental control systems
  • Presented over a dozen papers to U.S. and international conferences and published magazine articles
  • Broad experience in environmental regulatory compliance for the energy and chemical industries, including participation on committees establishing performance standards and consulting on environmental permitting processes
  • Industry leader in design of new energy processes and products
  • Strong international business experience with completion of projects in all areas of the world
  • Executed several hundred combustion systems
  • Executed over two dozen rotary kiln incineration products with capacities up to 350 MMBtu/hr, and numerous hazardous waste incinerators
  • Developed alternative energy production systems, which  include biomass gasification, landfill gas,  steam and electricity production, waste fuels, oil sands, oil shale, oil and gas production systems and equipment, and co-generation systems
  • Carbon injection and potassium catalyst dioxin control systems
  • Plasma vitrification process for low level radioactive waste
  • Hydrocarbon adsorption and absorption systems
  • Medical waste systems
  • Low-level radioactive waste concentration systems
  • Demilitarization system to detoxify mustard gas and lewisite
  • Integrated municipal waste systems
  • Chlorinated waste disposal systems
  • Hydrochloric acid production and concentration systems
  • Two-phase separators
  • Hot oil systems
  • Boiler systems including water treatment
  • NH3-based NOx abatement processes
  • Reducing-oxidizing ultra-low-NOx combustion processes
  • SO2 scrubbers and treatment systems
  • Significant hands-on and start-up experience

Industrial Experience

2000 to present:  Tulsa Combustion LLC, President
Founded the Company in 2000 to build on base of over 25 years of experience in the combustion and environmental solutions business.  Responsible for overall operations and direction.  Co-developed technology and equipment of oil shale retorting.  Co-developed improved process for oil sands / tar sands oil recovery with reduced environmental impact.

1989 to 2000:  Callidus Technologies, Sr. Vice President and Co-founder, Vice President Solids Incineration, Flares and Plasma Systems, Vice President Marketing
One of a four-man team that successfully started up and grew Callidus to a $75 MM per year business in eight years.  Secured initial orders and established key customer relationships with major oil companies including ExxonMobil, Texaco, Shell and others.  P&L responsibilities for approximately 50% of the Company’s revenues.  Developed product line designs and established R&D facilities. Recruited management and technical staff.  Negotiated licenses of complementary technologies.  Opened wood products industries by developing a new process.

1974 to 1989:  John Zink Company, Vice President – Technical Director, Vice President – Incineration Systems, Technical Director – European Operations, Division Manager, Manager Application Engineering, Application Engineer
Managed a division producing more hazardous waste incinerators than all competitors combined.  Merged sister solid incineration company into division and moved company into solids combustion resulting in opening Municipal Waste and Rotary Kiln incineration systems.  Led move of the company into onsite remediation of Superfund and hazardous waste remediation.  The company successfully cleaned PCB site under direction of US Army Corp of Engineers.

Educational Background

BS Mechanical Engineering
University of Tulsa; Tulsa, Oklahoma

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