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Produced Water Technologies, LLC | Reducing the Volume of Produced Water Sent to Disposal Wells
Produced Water Technologies, LLC | Reducing the Volume of Produced Water Sent to Disposal Wells
Produced Water
Produced Water Technologies

Produced Water Technologies (PWT) is an affiliate of Tulsa Combustion, an Oklahoma oil and gas equipment designer/manufacturer whose principals have over 40 years of experience designing and building successful thermal and cryogenic  equipment for the industry. Produced Water Technologies manufactures equipment to remove Total Dissolved Solids from produced water from oil production.

This is done by reducing the volume of the solids by one of two methods: single phase evaporation or multi- effect evaporation.  The single phase evaporates up to 80% of the produced water and allows the remaining 20% to disposed of in the traditional manner.

The multi-effect results in clean potable water with beneficial uses including: irrigation, return to local water sources (i.e. creeks and streams), reuse in the drilling and production of oil wells.  The resulting TDS are then disposed of in the traditional manner which includes injection into state approved wells.

Our core offering:  Produced water volume reduction by means of the Keller-Noble Process.  Get the story by accessing Process HighlightsReductions in hauling and disposal costs may alone be sufficient to support capital investment.

What is Produced Water?
Produced water comes from the process of lifting oil and gas from water-bearing formations (typically lake beds or ancient sea). Mainly trapped in the reservoir rock, produced water is brought up along with oil or gas during production. It can contain very minor amounts of chemicals added downhole during production. These waters often exist under high pressures and temperatures, and usually contain oil and metal.

The Problem
1. From the beginning of the petroleum industry, it has been the practice to separate the produced water and return it to the earth. The injection wells are at depths far below the oil and gas producing wells and any drinking water or irrigation wells.
2. In very recent years, an increase in seismic activity has been correlated with an increase in the injection of wastewater into deep wells. Learn more...

The Approach Offered By Produced Water Technologies, LLC
PWT has designed a process which provides a solution the stated problem within the constraints of the specific challenges it presents. These are the major features of the Keller-Noble© process:
1. Combines, for this new application, several well established processes and technologies that have proved successful in other situations and in other industries. These applications include chemical processing, paper and wood manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, Super Fund site clean-up projects, military and munitions and nuclear plant dismantling, municipal waste treatment and regional hazardous waste disposal.
2. Generates no solid waste or objectionable air emissions. No chemical additives are used. Learn more...

Oil and gas production isn't slowing down anytime soon. The International Energy Agency predicts that global oil production will increase to almost 100 million barrels per day by 2035. And as the oil industry grows, so does the amount of produced water that must be treated. Our variety of technologies are now available for produced water treatment.

Produced Water Technologies

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